UEE22020: Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)

Below is the list of training providers nationally approved to deliver training for this qualification in Queensland. It also displays whether the training provider is Queensland Government approved to deliver government-funded training in this qualification. Please note that not all training providers listed below will currently offer this training. It is advisable to contact your preferred training provider to confirm their current course availability.

Please note that only the head office of the training provider is shown. For further information regarding alternative delivery locations or options including online training, contact the relevant training provider.

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Under the VET Investment Plan you are expected to carefully consider your training options and compare different providers and their fees before committing to a course of study.

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No. Reg. No. Training Provider Website Telephone Funded
1 32519 AUSTRALIAN SKILLS GROUP PTY LTD http://www.asg.edu.au/ 0738898233 Yes
2 40939 CQUniversity Australia http://www.cqu.edu.au 132786 Yes
3 6139 Major Training Group http://www.major.com.au 0734897733 Yes
4 31444 TEC-NQ http://www.tecnq.com.au 0747792199 Yes
5 3829 Apprenticeships Group Australia http://www.aga.com.au 0400755866 No
6 0022 ATEC - ADELAIDE TRAINING & EMPLOYMENT CENTRE http://www.atec.asn.au 1300112832 No
7 41457 AUSINET http://ausinet.com.au/ 0730627631 No
8 31399 Australian Trade Training College http://www.attc.org.au 0734145979 No
9 2394 College of Electrical Training http://www.cet.asn.au 0892335000 No
10 30185 ELECTRO GROUP TRAINING QUEENSLAND LTD http://www.electrogroup.com.au 32746288 No