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Painter (Visual Arts) Conceives and creates visual art forms, such as pictures, abstract designs and similar compositions, to communicate impressions and ideas. This occupation requires high levels of creative talent or personal commitment and interest as well as, or in place of, formal qualifications or experience.
Painting Trades Worker Applies paint, varnish, wallpaper and other finishes to protect, maintain and decorate surfaces of buildings and structures. Registration or licensing may be required.
Panelbeater Repairs damage to metal, fibreglass and plastic body work on vehicles and forms replacement vehicle panels. Registration or licensing may be required.
Paper and Pulp Mill Worker Performs routine tasks in a paper and pulp mill such as placing logs onto conveyors for chipping, and loading woodchip and pulp for processing.
Paper Products Machine Operator Operates machines to manufacture paper packaging and other products from paper and fibreboard stock.
Park Ranger Assists in controlling a State or national park, scenic area, historic site, nature reserve, recreation area or conservation reserve in accordance with authorised policies and priorities.
Pastrycook Prepares and bakes buns, cakes, biscuits and pastry goods.
Pastrycook's Assistant Assists a Pastrycook by performing routine tasks in the kitchen such as preparing ingredients, and cleaning and storing equipment.
Pathologist Identifies the cause and processes of disease and illness by examining changes in body tissue and in blood and other body fluids, and conducts tests on samples of tissues, blood and body secretions. Registration or licensing is required.
Pathology Collector Extracts, collects, labels and preserves blood and other specimens from patients for laboratory analysis.