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Recycling or Rubbish Collector Collects household, commercial and industrial waste for recycling or disposal.
Registered Nurse (Medical) Provides nursing care to patients with conditions, such as infections, metabolic disorders and degenerative conditions, which require medical intervention in a range of health, aged care and community settings. Registration or licensing is required.
Registered Nurse (Mental Health) Provides nursing care to patients with mental health illness, disorder and dysfunction, and those experiencing emotional difficulties, distress and crisis in health, welfare and aged care facilities, correctional services and the community. Registration or licensing is required.
Registered Nurses Nec This occupation group covers Registered Nurses not elsewhere classified. Registration or licensing is required. Occupations include: Flight Nurse; Nursing Officer (Defence Forces); Registered Nurse (Infection Control); Registered Nurse (Remote or Rural Area)
Religious Assistant Supports Ministers of Religion or a religious community in performing a variety of religious functions associated with the practise of a religion, including worship, spiritual guidance, pastoral care and teaching.
Research and Development Manager Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates research and development activities within an organisation.
Retail Manager (General) Retail Pharmacists are excluded from this occupation. Retail Pharmacists are included in Unit Group 2515 Pharmacists, in Occupation 251513 Retail Pharmacist.
Retail Supervisor Sales Department Supervisor; Supervises and coordinates the activities of retail sales workers.
Roof Plumber Installs, maintains and repairs flashings, metallic roof and wall claddings and rainwater products such as gutters and downpipes. Registration or licensing is required.
Roof Tiler Cover roofs with tiles, sheets and shingles to form a waterproof surface. Registration or licensing may be required.