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Performing Arts Technicians Nec This occupation group covers Performing Arts Technicians not elsewhere classified. Occupations include: Continuity Person; Microphone Boom Operator; Performing Arts Road Manager; Special Effects Person; Theatrical Dresser
Personal Care Assistant Provides routine personal care services to people in a range of health care facilities or in a person's home.
Pest Controller Applies pest management techniques to control invertebrate and insect pests inside and outside domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Registration or licensing is required.
Pet Groomer Washes, dries, brushes, combs, cuts and styles pets' coats, clips their nails and cleans their ears.
Pharmacy Sales Assistant Sells pharmaceutical goods, toiletries and related goods in a retail pharmacy.
Pharmacy Technician Fills and labels patients' prescriptions under the supervision of a Pharmacist. May record details of, place orders for, take stock of, and store medications and medical supplies and deliver them to patients.
Photographer Operates a still camera to take photographs. This occupation requires high levels of creative talent or personal commitment and interest as well as, or in place of, formal qualifications or experience.
Picture Framer Cuts out and assembles mouldings to make picture frames, and frames paintings, photographs, needlework and other artwork.
Pig Farmer Plans, organises, controls, coordinates and performs farming operations to breed and raise pigs for meat and breeding stock.
Plastics Production Machine Operator (General) Operates extruding, injection moulding and blow moulding machines to produce finished plastic products.