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Occupation Description
Fleet Manager Organises and controls the buying and selling of vehicles for rental agencies and coordinates the leasing of vehicles. Registration or licensing may be required.
Flight Attendant Provides services for the safety and comfort of aircraft passengers.
Floor Finisher Measures, cuts, installs and repairs soft and resilient floor coverings. Registration or licensing may be required.
Florist Prepares and sells floral arrangements.
Flying Instructor Teaches the theory and practical skills of flying aircraft. Registration or licensing is required.
Food and Drink Factory Workers Nec This occupation group covers Food and Drink Factory Workers not elsewhere classified. Occupations include: Coffee Roaster; Egg Factory Worker; Ice-cream Maker; Margarine Maker; Pasta Maker
Food Technologist Develops new and improves existing food products, and sets standards for producing, packaging and marketing food.
Forester Studies, develops and manages forest areas to maintain commercial and recreational uses, conserve flora and fauna, and protect against fire, pests and diseases.
Forestry Worker Assists with cultivating, maintaining and protecting forests. Registration or licensing may be required.
Freight Handler (Rail or Road) Loads and unloads freight trucks, containers and rail cars.