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Radio Despatcher Provides radio and communications services for the coordination of operational units in transport, courier, military, emergency, security, rescue and road service organisations. Registration or licensing may be required.
Railway Signal Operator Controls the movement of trains, and assembles and disassembles trains within a marshalling yard.
Railway Station Manager Organises and controls the operations of a railway station.
Railway Track Plant Operator Operates plant to lay, align, repair and maintain railway tracks. Registration or licensing may be required.
Railway Track Worker Lays and repairs tracks for railways, tramways, quarries and mines, and installs and repairs signals and other equipment.
Railways Assistant Assists with operating and maintaining facilities at a railway station by updating platform indicators showing train times and destinations, collecting and checking passenger tickets, giving signals for train departures, and cleaning station facilities.
Real Estate Agency Principal Manages the overall activities of a real estate agency. Registration or licensing is required.
Real Estate Representative Arranges the conduct of real estate transactions such as sales and leasing, and assists buyers to find suitable properties, on behalf of an agency. Registration or licensing is required.
Recreation Officer Plans, organises and coordinates recreation facilities and programs through organisations such as local governments, schools, church bodies and youth organisations.
Recycling or Rubbish Collector Collects household, commercial and industrial waste for recycling or disposal.