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Gardener (General) Plants, cultivates and maintains parks and gardens.
Gas or Petroleum Operator Operates equipment to pump oil and gas from wellheads, and refine and process petroleum products.
Gasfitter Installs, maintains and repairs gas mains, piping systems downstream of the billing meter, and appliances and ancillary equipment associated with the use of fuel gases, including liquefied petroleum gas systems. Registration or licensing is required.
General Clerk Performs a range of clerical and administrative tasks.
Glass Processing Worker Performs routine tasks in manufacturing glassware such as setting up, adjusting and repairing automatic machines and equipment, and checking weight of glassware.
Glazier Measures, cuts, finishes, fits and installs flat glass and mirrors.
Grain Mill Worker Operates machines and performs routine tasks to mix, mill and treat grains and by-products to make flour, meal and stockfeed.
Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Farm Worker Performs routine tasks on a grain, oilseed protein, or pasture farm such as cultivating and fertilising soil, and planting and irrigating crops. May spray chemicals on crops to treat disease and pests.
Grape Grower Plans, organises, controls, coordinates and performs farming operations to grow table or wine grapes.
Graphic Designer Plans, designs, develops and prepares information for publication and reproduction using text, symbols, pictures, colours and layout to achieve commercial and communication needs with particular emphasis on tailoring the message for the intended audience.