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Construction Rigger Assembles and installs rigging gear, such as cables, ropes, pulleys and winches, to lift, lower, move and position equipment, structural steel and other heavy objects. Registration or licensing may be required.
Conveyancer Acts for and on behalf of clients in the area of property and business transfers. Registration or licensing may be required.
Cook Prepares, seasons and cooks food in a dining or catering establishment.
Corporate General Manager Plans, organises, directs, controls and reviews the day-to-day operations and major functions of a commercial, industrial, governmental or other organisation through departmental managers and subordinate executives.
Corporate Services Manager Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the overall administration of an organisation.
Counsellors Nec This occupation group covers Counsellors not elsewhere classified. Occupations in this group may work in a call centre. Occupations include: Gambling Counsellor; Grief Counsellor; Life Coach; Sexual Assault Counsellor; Trauma ounsellor
Court Bailiff or Sheriff Implements court orders and serves legal orders and summonses as an officer of the court.
Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator Operates stationary and mobile cranes, hoists, lifts and winches to lift, move and place materials, equipment and people in areas such as building sites, factories, mines, sawmills, wharves and shipyards. Registration or licensing is required.
Credit or Loans Officer Analyses, evaluates and processes credit and loan applications. May work in a call centre.
Customer Service Manager Plans, administers and reviews customer services and after-sales services, and maintains sound customer relations.